“Rehabilitation” as defined by The Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation as “the process of returning a property to a state of utility, through repair or alteration, which makes possible an efficient contemporary use while preserving those portions and features of the property which are significant to its historic, architectural, and cultural values.” ERN Architects develops concepts and designs for numerous building types including market rate and affordable tax credit housing, hospitality, retail and office uses in new or remodeled, modern facilities. This experience serves as a reservoir of potential ideas for the creative use of a historic structure.

  • Icke Building, 1880. St. Paul Square Historic District, San Antonio, Texas, Best Western Suites
    Sunset Suites Historic-Building-1900
  • The Vandergriff Building
    The Vandergriff Building c. 1928 Arlington TX
  • Historic Hotel Gibbs c. 1909
    The Gibbs Building c. 1909 IHG Hotel INDIGO San Antonio TX
  • 923-Pennsylania_entrydetail
    923 Pennsylvania Ave. Fort Worth TX

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