U.S. Post Office & Courthouse c. 1928 Dallas TX

U.S. Post Office & Courthouse Dallas, Texas. James Whitmore circa1928.

Historic Hotel Gibbs, San Antonio Texas circa 1909

U.S. Post Office & Courthouse Dallas, Texas. James Whitmore, 1928.
95 new, one and two bedroom loft units are designed to maintain the historic presence of the former Post Office and federal courthouse in the public circulation areas. The original corridors and stairs have been preserved and the new lofts have been worked into the former office spaces of the building. The office spaces having been demolished by the government prior to the building’s sale reveal the building’s original concrete structure. The new living units are designed to contrast with the remaining historic elements found in the public areas. The units are planned with a minimalist approach including modern fixtures and cabinets while leaving the poured in place concrete structure exposed. This approach provides a clear distinction between remaining, original building elements and the intervention of the new 21st century use as housing. ERN Architects prepared the application for federal historic tax credits. Client; Intradel Corporation, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Client: Intradel Corporation, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Structural: Blake Wilson P.E.
MEP: PBS 2000, Inc.